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Stephen Rue twice has been voted the “BEST DIVORCE LAWYER” in New Orleans by Gambit weekly Readers Poll (2002 and 2003). In 2012, Stephen Rue was voted “BEST ATTORNEY” by Gambit weekly’s Best of New Orleans Readers Poll.

Stephen Rue also is the author of three books on Family Law, Divorce, Custody and related matters including the Louisiana Best Selling “LOUISIANA FAMILY LAW GUIDE.” (Found at Rue has litigated over 2,000 divorces and family law cases throughout the Greater New Orleans area (All Surrounding Parishes!)

No one enters a marriage with the idea that it will one day end in divorce. Circumstances change. People grow apart. Divorce becomes an option that the parties may have to consider. Making certain you have experienced legal representation on your side throughout the divorce process is important. Not only will your interests and those of your children be protected, but the right attorney can help to put a solid plan in place for your future. Allow our divorce lawyers to educate you in the areas of divorce.

At Stephen Rue & Associates Law Firm in New Orleans, Kenner and Gretna Louisiana, our divorce lawyers and staff work to aid you in understanding Louisiana divorce law. Our divorce lawyers will be by your side every step of the way, from completing initial divorce forms to helping you achieve your outcome goals in the divorce judgment.

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Divorce in Louisiana

In Louisiana, grounds for divorce include adultery, conviction of a felony and spouses living separate and apart for a specified amount of time. If your marriage involves any of these factors, you may be eligible to pursue dissolution of marriage.

Our divorce lawyers provide clients with personalized, skilled, and experienced representation for all divorce and family law matters, including:

While a majority of the divorce cases we handle are contested, meaning the divorcing couple does not agree on key issues, we also represent those who are able to complete a non-contested divorce. In these cases, the divorce process can be completed much more quickly, without the necessity for a trial and at less expense to the parties.

Louisiana Divorce Handbook

The following is an excerpt from Louisiana Divorce Handbook (Available on, with Express Permission of Author Louisiana Family Law Attorney Stephen Rue. @ All Rights Reserved, Stephen Rue 2014.


A divorce is a formal statement and a court’s legal termination of the marriage contract between spouses. Once a party has filed for divorce and/or become divorced, your legal rights and obligations change regarding various incidental matters.

In Louisiana, a marriage ends upon the occurrence of one of four events:

  • The death of either spouse;
  • The issuance of a court order authorizing the spouse of a person presumed dead to remarry, as provided by law;
  • A judicial declaration of its nullity, when the marriage is relatively null; or
  • Divorce.


  • Article 102 (Living apart one hundred eighty days – without minor children; 356 with minor children)
  • Article 103 (Living separate and apart continuously for a period of six months or more on the date the petition is filed, without minor children; Other Grounds; 356 days with minor children)
  • LA R.S. 9:307-309 (Special Divorce and Separation Laws Solely for Covenant Marriages)


  • Marital Status
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Rights for Injunctive Relief (Restraining Orders)
  • Property Rights
  • Taxes
  • Credit
  • Bankruptcy
  • Use of the Residence and Other Property
  • Removal of Personal Property
  • Use of Your Surname (Last Name)

All of the above topics will be covered in detail in this handbook.

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