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Safety should be of utmost concern when Louisianans enjoy recreational activities on their favorite waterways – bass fishing, water skiing, running a cigarette boat, using personal watercraft or canoeing.

When negligent boating makes one of these pastimes dangerous, and any kind of ship accident interrupts your life – a collision with another pleasure boat or accident caused by defective boat design or manufacturing – the attorneys who protect the rights of the injured are at the Stephen Rue & Associates Law Firm .

Louisiana lawyers at Stephen Rue & Associates Law Firm are dedicated personal injury lawyers who have served injured clients and their families in Greater New Orleans and South Louisiana for decades. Their boutique law firm’s reputation for results in a broad range of accident personal injury cases is proof that they can help.

You may qualify for full financial compensation for your lost income, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. You won’t know for sure until you contact us and discuss the details of your accident. We investigate your claim to identify the responsible party, negotiate with insurers and, if necessary, forcefully advocate for you in court. contact us at or call 504-529-5000 (24 hours a day/night).

Many boat accidents that occur on non-navigable lakes and streams are covered by state law. When an accident happens on navigable water, the big question legally is whether the owner of the vessel is entitled to limit his liability to the value of the vessel.

For this reason, it is absolutely essential that you speak with an experienced boat accident attorney at the Stephen Rue & Associates Law Firm after a serious pleasure craft accident to determine your legal rights.

Summertime and holiday recreational pleasure craft, water skiing and Jet Ski accidents often involve an intoxicated boater. Louisiana law provides for punitive or exemplary damages for victims of boating accidents caused by drunk drivers, even when operating a sporting vessel. Our legal team holds drunk boaters and their insurers accountable, in negotiations and in court.

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