You wouldn’t go to a new restaurant or nightclub without checking the reviews first, so why would you hire a lawyer without hearing what other clients have to say? And, let’s be honest: if you need a lawyer, you want the best lawyer, so industry accolades are important, too.

Stephen Rue & Associates has been voted Best Attorney in the Greater New Orleans Area by the Gambit Weekly “Best of New Orleans” readers’ poll. He was named a Super Lawyer in 2017 and has a “Superb” 10 out of 10 rating from Avvo. The National Trial Lawyers’ Association selected Stephen as one of the top 110 lawyers in 2016. In 2015, he was ranked in the top ten nationally by NACDA (National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys) and received the Award for Excellence in the Field. He also received the 2015 Nation’s Top One Percent Award from the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

Now see what other clients have to say about working with Stephen:

Best Attorney Ever!!!!!!!

If you are reading this review and considering hiring Stephen look no further!!!!!
I was completely satisfied with the outcome of my case and he definitely had me and my kids best interest. You won’t go wrong hiring him as your attorney!
Thanks Again
Mr. Rue

– MelissaView on AVVO

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He is extraordinary!

I hired Stephen to represent my daughter in a custody case after firing her original attorney. It was three days before court and he came in and did a fantastic job! He is extraordinary!
Thanks Stephen! 😁

– Lisa V.View on AVVO

He will fight for you.

Stephen took my case last minute. Two days before court. I was pleasantly surprised when I met him, I knew he was the man for the job. After going through 3 lawyers, I finally found one who would FIGHT for me and me girls. After a ongoing long and complicated custody battle , I lost visitation with my girls. Stephen Rue got it reinstated after knowing minimal information and last minute notice. He’s real, He’s honest, and he will fight for you. Thanks Stephen!

– Brandi T.View on Google


After searching and reading reviews for a Law Firm, I decide to call Mr Rue.
I needed a Lawyer who would fight, who knew the law and I needed one on a short notice, After meeting Mr Rue I know he was the man for the job!
If you are looking for a Law Firm, look no more, give Mr Rue a call, so happy we did!

– Glenda B.View on Google

King Rue!

There is no doubt Mr. Rue is the best! He will defend you like no other attorney! If you tried others, you will notice the difference! Poised, confident, intimidating to the opposing side. He shuts down the other side! My wife did not show up to court twice! Settled child custody out of court.

– R.M.V.View on AVVO

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Client for Life!!

Mr. Rue helped my wife and I with a very difficult family situation. Couldn’t be happier with the end result. He was professional and prompt the entire time. Never had a problem reaching out to him and getting a quick response. Hope I never need an attorney again but he has a client for life!!

– Jeff R.View on AVVO

Pleased With the Outcome

Stephen Rue and his associate Raul have done a great job in representing me in my divorce and defending my prenup against my ex-husband. I highly recommend them for any of your legal needs. Stephen did an excellent job in court both times that we went before the judge. I am very pleased with the outcome he got me.

– Susan U.View on Yelp

The Real Deal

Stephen Rue is the real deal for sure! I hired him for my best friend and he went above and beyond We called him on a Tuesday, Met him on a Wednesday, & he showed up in court on Thursday! I’m so happy I was able to get the best of the best for her custody case he came to court and made a statement and most of all he was able to restore some hope back into our lives..
Thanks Stephen Rue & I know you will continue to do ur very best for my best friend n I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You need a go getter call Stephen Rue he is the man!

– Rickilynn N.View on Yelp

He Won’t Let You Down!

I have been in a long, ongoing custody battle for a while now. Stephen Rue is my 4th attorney that I have hired. And definitely saved the best for last. He took me by surprise at first meeting because he was so stern and serious and could read me like a book. He takes his job serious as every lawyer should and he’s good at what he does and he knows it. I called him 2 days before court and he was able to make a consultation last minute and was in court with me in Lafourche Parish. I knew when I met Stephen that he was the one. I walked in court confident that after having no contact with my girls he would restore my visitation. It wasn’t an easy battle. The Judge himself told us that. They were in chambers hours. He walked out without that stern look anymore but a smile. After knowing minimal information about my case and on last minute notice he was able to get my visitation restored. He was able to make the Judge see this is crucial. I had supervised visitation and after ONE incident with my children not even in room I got upset and angry. I was overly emotional after seeing them. They stopped my visitation. So 6 more months go by- no visitation. I’d seen the once in a year. Stephen said the a judge himself is PERSONALLY going to call and ask them to start it back. That he’d never heard of stopping after one incident. I knew this wasn’t a normal occurrence- I jus needed someone to FIGHT for me and my babies and not just sit back and accept whatever like my prior attorneys did. Stephen has restored my hope and reuniting me with my babies and I’ll be forever grateful for him. He doesn’t back down and that’s jus what I needed!!! I knew when we met—He’s the Guy…He’s the one…And he was—Let him be your guy, I assure he won’t let you down!!!!

– Brandi T.View on Yelp

No Doubt Mr. Rue is the Best!

There is no doubt Mr. Rue is the best! He will defend you like no other attorney! If you tried others, you will notice the difference! Poised, confident, intimidating to the opposing side. He shuts down the other side! My wife did not show up to court twice! Settled child custody out of court.

– Russell V.View on Yelp

Highly Recommended!

Stephen took care of my matter quickly and professionally here in East Baton Rouge. Highly recommended!

– Taylor W.View on Yelp

Worked With Me for a Good Resolution

Being an attorney, I am familiar with litigation, but family (divorce) law has unique procedures and rules. Stephen listened and worked with me to get a good resolution, despite a pernivious opponent (my ex-wife).

Let your opponent Rue the Day!

– Bob E.View on Yelp

Diligent and Responsive

If you’re looking for an attorney, I would highly recommend Stephen Rue. Not only is he diligent and responsive, but he truly cares for his clients and the outcome of their cases. He does exactly what there is to do and will even say at times, “let me do my job.” (my advice- Let Stephen Rue do his job!) I went to him after firing a previous attorney for her seeming total disregard for me and my case.
My experience with Stephen has been entirely different…He honestly sets the bar for caring and effective representation.

– Alex R.View on Yelp

Mr. Rue is the best!!

Hands down, there is no comparison. If you are ever in need of a fantastic person, not just an attorney, in your corner during your time of distress, Mr. Rue is the person you need on your side. He went, and continues to go, above and beyond my expectations, put my mind at ease with my case and continues to walk me through the process, weighing all of my options. Mr. Rue is very understanding, forthcoming and is wonderful to work with. I would recommend him to anyone for anything legal. If he is unable to do it or it is not his expertise, I feel confident he will guide you in the right direction.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Rue for continuing with my process and being my attorney.

– Crystal P.View on Yelp


I could not be happier with the verdict of my custody case..I have been fighting for my daughter for over a year, Mr Rue got me everything I asked for!!!i can finally rest easy knowing my daughter is in the arms of her loving mother! Thank You We are forever grateful…

– DanielleView on AVVO

Resolved that same day

I contacted Stephen Rue office for his legal services and my issue was resolved that same day. The prompted and attentiveness I recieved was beyond my expectations. I am very please and I highly recommend this office for any legal issues.

– Renada W.View on Yelp

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Compassionate man of integrity.

My daughter had to appear in court in Orleans Parish the end of August. She had little notice and we were only about a week from the court date. We were given Mr. Rue’s name to call as we live in Shreveport and had no clue what attorney to call.
We were not able to meet face to face with him before trial. We had one phone conference with him and felt so at ease that we hired him during that phone conference.
We met Mr. Rue in the courtroom before court was in session. I was immediately impressed with him. My daughter was extremely nervous and Mr. Rue sat down beside her and started talking to her. He gave her a pep talk and was very encouraging. He assured her that he would take care of it. AND HE DID! He had a commanding presence in the courtroom. You could tell he was in his element.
I highly recommend Stephen Rue. He did an excellent job for my daughter.
Thank you, Mr. Rue for taking time to talk with my daughter and encouraging her. I realize what you did for her was basically a simple pleading for an exception and would not net you a large payout. You are compassionate and a man of integrity. Again, thank you.

– Karen P.View on Yelp


Mr. Rue and Associates are very professional and fight for what you need. Anytime I needed to call or meet with them, they were very prompt into meeting me. If I could describe them in two words it would be PROFESSIONALISM AND FAMILY!!!!

– Brian T.View on Yelp

Absolutely Amazing!

This man is absolutely amazing! He settled my case for way more than we expected. Thank you so much for your hard work.

– C.L.

Stephen is Your Guy!

If You are looking for an attorney to represent you in a custody case, I highly recommend Steven and Rue and associates. I just went to court yesterday for sole custody and am very happy with the way Stephen handle the proceedings. He has a great team of very experienced attorneys that are always there to ease your mind whenever you are feeling stressed and concerned. He focused on the best interest of the child and also on my best interest. If you are looking for an attorney for any reason, he is your guy! There is no one that will fight harder for you and I am very happy with my decision to retain him as my attorney.

– Carlei C.View on Yelp

Resolved in One Phone Call

I have been working with another attorney on a specific issue I have been enduring for years…with no resolution. Out of frustration and desperation I contacted Mr. Rue. He made one phone call to the opposing counsel and resolved the issue that day.
After years and many thousands of dollars spent elsewhere.
I could not be happier nor could I recommend him more highly. I am truly in awe of his efficiency and willingness to help.

– Andi J.View on Yelp

A Quick Help

Upon receiving what I suspected to be a fraudulent call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, and demanding that I present to the local Police Department with a criminal defense attorney, I contacted Steven Rue. They made a couple of quick calls and determined that the situation was not legitimate. She also said that they have received numerous calls relating to scams of this sort; so beware.

– Wendell L.View on Yelp

Powerful Attorney on Your Side

What a powerful attorney to have on your side. Stephen was well prepared and knowledgeable with my case which led to a victory. Thank you Mr. Rue!!

– Noah LabicheView on Google

Will Fight For You

Great Lawyers! Very helpful and will fight for you.

– galvanero05View on Google

Brilliant Attorney!

Brilliant Attorney!!!
At the end of my first visit with Mr.Rue I was extremely impressed with him and his staff. 2 years later still extremely impressed. At all times I felt as my situation was as important as if it were his own family Stephen had every answer everytime and an idea as to how to approach each situation..Stephen is the most thorough and knowledgable attorney I have ever met, he leaves nothing to chance. This guy is truly a hero to my daughter and I achieving what I thought was the impossible. You will not be disappointed with Stephen and his staff I am eternally grateful to all of them

– Ashley WilsonView on Google

A Master Genius!

Yes, we won! I’m still in awe of what Stephen Rue accomplished! We had a custody battle, my ex husband wanted 7/7 summers, rotate holiday weeks every other year, me be inconvenienced every other Sunday having to pick the kids up from him and didn’t want to allow for me to get my daughter ready for her “Big days” cheerleading competitions, etc. Had false allegations against me, in hopes he would pay a reduction in child support. OUTCOME: Stephen Rue was able to accomplish supervised therapy sessions that he is to come out of pocket for; In addition to setting up parameters, so I can have my life back. Example: Ex husband arrives 15 mins late to weekly visitation, he forfeits his visitation. I won’t be without my children half the summer, don’t have to rotate holiday WEEKS AND I’m able to enjoy doing what I’ve always loved doing, that is being THERE for my daughter, getting her ready for her BIG DAYS! No words express my gratitude or appreciation for a job well done! Stephen Rue knows the law articles, and statues to get what you need. Stephen Rue is a MASTER GENIUS in his field! If you have a problem ex spouse, I would most definitely hire Stephen Rue!

– Brandi A.View on Yelp

Extremely Happy

Mr.Rue very professional,oustanding, and meet all expectations far as handling my family law case.I’ll recommend him to anyone. Best lawyer I’ve ever meet and i thank him for winning my case . He’ll be hired by me anytime needed.

Thanks for everything

– KimberlyView on AVVO

Went Beyond Expectations

Mr.Stephen Rue is a very professional lawyer, he went beyond expectations far as handling my family law case on march 5th 2018 . I’ll highly recommend him 100% to anyone. He handle my case really good and im happy to have him as a lawyer and I’ll be hiring him anytime needed.

Thanks again Mr.Rue

– Kimberly R.View on Yelp

A Game Changer

If you are headed to the courtroom, Stephen Rue should be your attorney. He handled our case with great poise, detail and extreme composure before the judge.
He has truly become the game changer we needed as our family attorney. His presence in the courtroom is powerful! Thank You, Mr. Rue, for everything you have done and will continue to do to represent our family.

– Ryan H.View on Yelp

The Most Amazing Person and Lawyer

Stephen Rue is by far the most amazing person,and lawyer I have ever met. For the past 3 years he has become part of my life spending countless hours,loss of sleep and a whole lot of dedication of himself to fight for me. He was fully prepared for meetings and trial with the hearing officers and in court . He is exceptionally professional and is a sincere advocate for his clients. Stephen and his associates always kept me up to date on my case and explained everything in detail. Stephen Rue WON my child support case. The opposing attorney asked for a new trial. Stephen WON !!! Motion denied. Then the opposing attorney appealed. Again , Stephen WON the appeal for me. Don’t settle for just a attorney. HIRE A GREAT ATTORNEY!!! Stephen Rue.
Rue the day baby!!!
Thanks Stephen ,Jennifer,Jaime and Raul I definitely would recommend for any legal matter you might have !!!

– Ashley W.View on Yelp

Strong, Confident Lawyer

If anyone is looking for a strong confident lawyer that cares about your well being make sure you give Stephen Rue a shot. He fought for me till the end there was never a time that I felt worried. Thank you so much for all that you did

– MiguelView on AVVO

I Selected the Best Lawyer

If your looking for an amazing confident lawyer that knows the law and will give you everything he has Stephen Rue is your guy. During my custody battle I was always confident and I knew I had selected the best lawyer

– Maddix M.View on Yelp

Knowledge, Wit, Hard Work and Determination

If you need a divorce attorney in Louisiana, do your homework and read reviews. You will find Rue & Associates have the best reviews.

Contact him early and avoid stupid mistakes that I made at the beginning. My spouse definitely got the better start with her attorney because I didn’t. We started behind the 8 ball but it’s still ongoing only because of his knowledge, wit, hard work and determination. Without him, it would more than likely be over with me the big loser.

He works hard for you and will not mince words or caudal you because that is not his business. He let me know the problems I caused due to allowing a “friend” attorney give me advice along with other stupid things I did that could have been avoided. He is cautious and does not promise anything he can’t deliver. We have some more battles to fight and I am not looking forward to them but I am confident I am represented by the best.

BTW, there will be no winners in my case as in most cases that involve marriage breakups with or without children. After today’s hearing, I know I called the right attorney.

– Hal B.View on Yelp

The Most Impressive

We hired Stephen Rue after interviewing several attorney’s and found him to be the most impressive. Since then, we have been to court 6 times because of false allegations of the other side Child Custody Battle. Each and every time we have went we have came out on top and won our case whatever the allegations may be. Stephen Rue is very organized, smart, witty, talented, knowledgeable in his field and has mastered it to where it is flawless. I would highly suggest without a doubt hiring him, for whatever your circumstances you find yourself in. You get what you pay for!

– Brandi A.View on Yelp

He Gives 110%

Due the Rue!!! Mr. Stephen Rue is extremely confident and knowledgeable. He made a 2 hr commute,1way for my hearing in another Parish,a week ago. We went through Civil and Family court within a matter of a few hours. He literally brought my soon to be xhusband to his knees, once he heard and googled who was representing my daughter and I. We are very fortunate and grateful to have Mr. Rue on our side. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Rue to anyone out there, that are in need of an Attorney. I was surprised to see that Mr. Rue practices many fields of the law. Mr. Rue puts forth 110% of his time,efforts and knowledge into your case. Mr. Rue runs an exceptionally positive practice Along with his associates. We are so very thankful and blessed to have him representing us. You just can’t go wrong with Mr. Rue.

– Stephanie J.View on Yelp

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Cannot Praise Him Enough

I cannot praise Stephen Rue enough for representing my daughter and granddaughter in civil and family court last week.
Thank you for taking the stress out of a stressful situation for my daughter. I’m completely overwhelmed by the outcome of the courtroom findings. You are a brilliant counsel.

– Shirley F.View on Yelp

I Would Highly Suggest Hiring Him

We hired Stephen Rue after interviewing several attorney’s and found him to be the most impressive. Since then, we been to court 6 times because of false allegations of the other side Child Custody Battle. Each and every time we have went we have came out on top and won our case whatever the allegations may be. Stephen Rue is very organized, smart, witty, talented, knowledgeable in his field and has mastered it to where it is flawless. I would highly suggest without a doubt hiring him, for whatever your circumstances you find yourself in. You get what you pay for!

– Brandi AlvarezView on Google

Truly a Blessing

Attorney Stephen Rue rescued my daughter from the most incompetent attorney alive and turned her case around in a very short period of time. He is an expert in his field. I can sincerely say I love and appreciate him, and what he has done for my daughter and her family. Mr. Rue, you are truly a blessing.

– Joyce B.View on Yelp

EXTREMELY Knowledgable

We had the misfortune of needing a P.I. attorney for my husband’s accident, which included a TBI, 3 years ago. It was a scary time. Stephen Rue was a source of great comfort and support that went beyond legal representation. He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and has an innate need to do the best job he can for his clients. Highly recommend.

– S J.View on Yelp

Slam-Dunked His Opponent

Attorney Stephen Rue did an Excellent Job for me at Trial. He is the Best in Court! He was punctual when we went to Trial today and he destroyed the other side and her attorney. Mr. Rue was great with his arguments. He slammed-dunked his opponent, He was prepared and punctual. He was on point with closing arguments. He knew how to win my case. I strongly recommend Stephen Rue to be your attorney.

– Jerome RobinsonView on Google

Give Rue and Associates a Chance!

Stephen Rue is extremely knowledgeable in the law and helped us defeat a false accusation that could have led to criminal charges. Even if the odds seem stacked against you, give Rue and Associations a chance. They know the law inside and out and you could find the whole case thrown out before you know it.

– T. R.View on Yelp

Best Attorney Around!

Thank you Stephen Rue! You won my custody case for me. Best attorney around!

– Tracie M.View on Yelp

Would Highly Recommend

I had a issue with a contractor not fulfilling his contract by not completing the job that I hired him to do. I had a consult with Mr. Rue about options that I have to get the job completed, or getting my money back. He took the time to explain all my options and the best avenues he would recommend for me to take. I really appreciated the approach he took by giving me all options instead of just trying to sell his services. I would highly recommend and will be back if I have more issues.

– Jolene S.View on Yelp

Done Well in Getting a Fair Divorce

He has really done well in getting a fair divorce. Despite the impartial biases against us.

– WilliamView on AVVO

A Beast in the Courtroom

Stephen Rue and his team are the cream of the crop when it comes down to The law. He is an expert negotiator and litigator. My personal experience with his law firm far exceeded my expectations. After I had two terrible experiences with other firms representing me in family court against a problematic ex, I decided to retain Stephen Rue at the recommendation of a close friend. I quickly realized that I should have gone with Stephen Rue from the getgo. He is a beast in the courtroom. Thanks to him and his entire staff. I am now getting to see my children after nearly four years of issues with my ex. Words can’t express how greatful I am.

– John JacksonView on Google

Surgeon at Law!!!!

Stephen Rue is surgeon in the court room.. Mr. Rue methodically and tactfully dismantled my oppositions attorney. Mr. Rue continued his skillful operation into my wife’s testimony carefully exposing inconsistencies.. This man is a brilliant mastermind, I kid you not. Mr. Rue has an arrogance to his stature but that is naturally achieved through his confidence and winning record in the court room. Trust me this is a trait you need in an attorney, Super Lawyer… Mr. Rue`s suit had so much class it alone could win you a court case.. You get what you pay and Mr. Rue and his Associates (Raul Guerra & Jamie Gontarek) are worth every cent. If your life and children are on the line you need the most qualified person(s) available the same as if you were going in for open heart surgery. Demand the best or settle for less. My case was over before court even started… God Bless & Thanks from my two boys and me ( TK )…….

– ThomasView on AVVO

King of the Court

King of the Court… Stephen Rue rules over the court room like none other. His mere presence inside a court room strikes fear in other attorneys. Mr. Rue is a top notch professional all the way around. His thorough knowledge of state and local law put my oppositions attorney to same, trust not even in the same league… I am a true client and this is my story.. I am a single 40 year old father of 2 young boys, oldest 3 yrs youngest 18 months old. Mr. Rue took my case to CDC Orleans Parish and won me, YES WON me, full custody of my boys with child support plus the family car.. NO Joke!!!
Trust me you do not want to go to court without this man and his awesome Associates……

– T K.View on Yelp

The Attorney You Want

Stephen Rue is the attorney you want as your voice in court. Like most people, i felt hopeless and full of despair when going into the litigation process and to find Mr. Rue was a Godsend. He is a vigorous fighter with an amazing knowledge of the law. His confidence and strength carried through to me and I went from feeling lost and confused to seeing hope and believing we would win. Not only were we successful but I would like to say pretty resoundingly. Mr. Rue is by far a opposing counsels nightmare. My recommendation is don’t waste time shopping attorneys, hire Mr. Rue before your opponent does. Otherwise you will Rue the day you didn’t hire Stephen Rue.

– Jules R.View on Yelp

Shined Like a Star in Court

I hired Mr. Stephen Rue to litigate my child custody case. I was totally impressed with him. He stands above the rest! He counseled me on what is was I had to do to win my daughter back. I knew Mr. Rue would win this case for me and I was right. By far shined like a star in court. He shut down the other lawyer. I’m glad I hired the attorney to make sure I won my case.

– TracieView on AVVO

Prepared, Professional, and Got Me My Results

I want to personally thank Stephen Rue for his expertise and professionalism representing me today. Not only did Stephen take my case on short notice, he was prepared, professional, and got me my results. Coming from a single parent still raising my two boys thank YOU Stephen! Thank you for taking your time with me. Thank you for your compassion, and most of all RESULTS! If you are in need of an attorney, do yourself a favor and contact Stephen Rue. Many thanks!!

– Deliah H.View on Yelp

One of the Best

One of the best attorneys I know. Always there when you need him!!!!

– Tommy WaguespackView on Google

Well Prepared and Knowledgable

What a powerful attorney to have on your side. Stephen was well prepared and knowledgeable with my case which led to a victory. Thank you Mr. Rue!!

– Noah L.View on Yelp

A Fierce Force in Your Corner

Stephen Rue is extremely wise and a fierce force to be in your corner. Our family hired Mr. Rue to help resolve a dispute, peacefully if possible. We are forever grateful for his expert advice, as well as helping us to rest knowing that he is there for us when we need him. Five stars aren’t enough. Stephen Rue deserves ten stars! We recommend him highly, as he is the BEST.

– Zan L.View on Yelp

Did an Outstanding Job

Stephen did an outstanding job representing my family with an onslaught of legal battles pertaining to divorce and custody hearings. Through multiple court hearings, we were able to get false allegations dismissed as well as to get the terms of the divorce finalized. This is after hiring (and firing) three other attorneys – each of which lacked the scope of legal ability and insight we needed to win the case. I would recommend Stephen Rue & Associates to my friends and family should they ever need any legal services.

– Jane C.View on Yelp

Treated Me Like Family

Mr. Rue and his team of attorneys treated me like family and gave my case the personal attention that I needed. Thank you very much to Stephen Rue & Associates for their hard work, dedication to personal legal service and getting the job done.

– Elizabeth B.View on Yelp

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Powerful Attorney

As my attorney, I know that Stephen Rue is a POWERFUL ATTORNEY who got me REAL RESULTS in my personal injury case. Thank you Stephen for doing such a wonderful job.

– JeanView on AVVO

Powerful Charisma

Stephen Rue has the strength of Denny Crane without the foolishness. His powerful charisma in the courtroom will bring your true story clearly to the hearts and minds of the jury, breaking through your opponent’s nonsense like a blade of grass cracking through tarmac into the light. You can confidently anticipate the only two words that mean anything at the end of the day: “We won”. Your investment in Stephen Rue’s representation will bring peace of mind and much to celebrate.

– Gabriel D.View on Yelp


The utmost professional!

– Pete DaigleView on Google

Very Pleased

Attorney Stephen Rue represents me in a personal injury case and I’m very pleased with his representation. I highly recommend Mr. Rue for injury cases.

– RobertView on AVVO

Very Pleased With His Legal Services

Wreck – Rue. Lawyer Stephen Rue is my personal injury attorney and I am very pleased with his legal services.

– Robert P.View on Yelp

Dedicated to Getting the Best Results Possible

I am thrilled that Stephen Rue is my personal injury lawyer. He is dedicated to getting me the best results possible. Keep doing a great job representing the people. Rue the Day!

– Penny S.View on Yelp

Highly Intriguing & Intelligent Man

Highly recommend Stephen Rue, would not trust my children custody case with no one else. You get what you pay for. If you’re out there looking for an attorney who will listen for the truth and untwist lies from your ex or opponent to get the job done then Stephen Rue is the best attorney for you!

– BrandiView on AVVO

Honesty, Integrity, and Dedication

As we are all unique individuals in every sense of the term, so are matters requiring legal attention, unique and individual in every way. Stephen Rue and Associates so bravely, diligently and with utmost respect, represented my legal matter that had become so complicated by the time I discovered this law firm. I had been through three attorneys prior. Briefly, it was a case involving necessary financial support for our special needs child, from the father. One would think…oh that should be open and shut, a no brain(er), as the saying goes, Well, Not This One! It was one of those cases that I would not wish on anyone. especially when it involves matters pertaining to children (with or without special needs).

My case, regarded in some circles as one of the most heinous of legal matters, and after attorney #3 and going nowhere, it was far past time that I put on my boxing gloves and begin my search for a Qualified, Knowledgeable, Respectful of both the law and client, attorney. Enter Stephen Rue and Associates. Mr. Rue reviewed my case thoroughly, gave me his honest opinion as to whether success could possibly be accomplished. Nothing is ever guaranteed but we proceeded with renewed vigor, nonetheless….I just knew in my heart this time would be different. Mr. Rue, all the while putting first, the delicate nature of the main issue, my special needs child. He never waivered for one moment when it came to the importance of the issue at hand.

Success was achieved in a relatively short period of time. Finally, a Law Firm that actually Practiced Law! Mr. Rue and Associates, a team knowledgeable, thorough, qualified in every way, dedicated, selfless, and Respectful of the Law and You.

I highly recommend Stephen Rue and Associates to help you thru your legal matters, no matter how large or small. The display of Honesty, Integrity and Dedication go above and beyond expectations. My family and I are all doing well now, thanks to the help and guidance of Stephen Rue and Associates. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Annie E.View on Yelp

Always Got Your Back!

He’s always got your back !! A great lawyer ! His team is always available and very competent . It’s been a great experience so far and would highly recommend him !

– Effie C.View on Yelp

The Best Attorney in the City

This guy is the best Attorney in the city! If you are ever in need of someone to represent you for anything legal, Stephen Rue is your man! He and his staff are a well oiled machine and they know exactly how to make sure you are represented in the best way possible! I unfortunately , had to use his service due to some horrible accidents, during a tragic time in my life, when I lost my husband suddenly. He and his staff were very kind. Mr. Rue won all three cases without going to trial . I highly recommend Stephen Rue!

– Pam M.View on Yelp

Stephen Rue is Amazing!

Steven Rue is amazing !! I walked in his office at 4 o’clock in the afternoon very upset ,did not know what to do with my family case . Mr.RUE immediately saw me . Call me down . Got the facts of the case . And Mr.RUE saw what I saw. My family and I are living a nightmare.The next morning I had court .he was there with judgment. Now everything is right with the universe . I am so happy . This man is very intelligent very patient . He has a very big personality goes along way . Thank you Mr. RUE me and my husband and my daughter are very thankful . You’re a very good honest Man !!!!

– Melissa G.View on Yelp

VERY Pleased With My Results and Service

After being in a car accident last year I tried working with the insurance company for my medical treatment. Insurance wanted us to pay out of pocket until all treatment was complete. It was getting too expensive and I was just not going to finish treatment since I didn’t know where else to go and just simply couldn’t afford the out of pocket expense. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to a couple lawyers to see if I could get help or if it really wasn’t worth while. I talked to a few, but the only one who made me feel comfortable and knowledgeable as far as a plan of action goes was Mr. Rue. I didn’t feel like it was a sales pitch when I first spoke to him, but rather honesty as far as his expertise goes and how he could help me. Immediately his team got me set up for treatments. When all was said and done I got the treatment I much needed and a fair settlement (much better than what the insurance was offering!). Throughout the process Mr Rue and his team were professional. I enjoyed that they responded to emails for me rather than making non-stop phone calls since I have two young children at home. VERY pleased with my results and service. As I said to Mr. Rue, I hope I don’t need to see him again, but if I do, I know where I will be going!

– Ashley D.View on Yelp

In One Word, Excellence

If you want the best of the best then I highly suggest Stephen Rue and associates. He and his team are experts in their field of law. My experience with this firm far exceeded my expectations. I felt like I was being helped by a member of the family rather than just some lawyer. If in the future I ever need legal representation, I will keep going back to Stephen Rue. It’s no surprise that he was voted best of the best Attorney as voted by the public in Gambit magazine’s poll. Schedule a consult with him and you’ll see.

– JohnView on AVVO

Best of the Best

If you want the best of the best then I highly suggest Stephen Rue and associates. He and his team are experts in their field of law. My experience with this firm far exceeded my expectations. I felt like I was being helped by a member of the family rather than just some lawyer. If in the future I ever need legal representation, I will keep going back to Stephen Rue. It’s no surprise that he was voted best of the best Attorney as voted by the public in Gambit magazine’s poll. Schedule a consult with him and you’ll see.

– John J.View on Yelp

Professional and Caring

Stephen is the most professional and caring attorney I’ve ever had represent me. He doesn’t just make you feel like a client, he makes you genuinely feel that your case is important to him. His confidence comes from being very good at what he does. I recommend him to all my friends and family. He’s the best attorney in New Orleans in my opinion. Thank you Stephen.

– Cory S.View on Yelp

Anxious to Help, Willing to Listen

I can write all day long and it still won’t be enough to praise how dedicated and fair this attorney is. Stephen and his law firm were anxious to help,organized and confident from the moment they heard my case. Stephen and his team ( Mr. Raul ,Mr. Dan ) walked me through the process from start to finish and made me feel like I was not alone and that he and his team would be there for me step by step. He was fantastic in the courtroom and his knowledge and professionalism during the proceedings were instrumental in my favor .Stephen is also very adept at handling attorneys with ease, no matter how brash the opposition. If you are looking for someone who is looking for your best interest and willing to actually listen to your needs and worries during a difficult situation this is the right attorney for you . He is the lawyer everyone wishes they found right away Stephen and his team are a credit to the legal industry.

– Ashley W.View on Yelp

The Best NOLA Has to Offer

Stephen surpassed all of our expectations and was always a step ahead of everyone. He was the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and determined attorney we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Simply put, we could not have won our case without him and we are eternally grateful for all of his hard work.

Top notch, five stars, the best Nola has to offer.

– James K.View on Yelp

As Good as it Gets!

Stephen’s as good as it gets! Won a custody case for me after years of turmoil. He’s well prepared- this guy owns the courtroom- no mercy on the opposition! And you can feel his control over the proceedings- and his zeal for the very best outcome! Steve’s very aggressive- wouldn’t want him on the other side! He’s also very caring and a great guy to work with. I strongly recommend him. He was a God send for my family!

– Mardi B.View on Yelp

Best Attorney in NOLA

Stephen was more impressive in action than I would have imagined. The way he and his staff handled our case was near perfection. But the way he handled our biggest trial date, WAS perfection. Watching him work was like watching an artist or a surgeon at their finest. Not only did he win our case, thanks to Stephen we grand-slammed our case. Stephen has my vote for the best attorney in NOLA- hands down.

– JamesView on AVVO

Outstanding Attorney

Stephen Rue is a outstanding attorney . i hired him for a child support arrears case. He worked day and night on my case . He was knowledgable of all the laws. His professionalism in and out of Court was outstanding . I knew I hired the right attorney after watching him fight in court for what was rightfully owed to my child and I . I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer who will fight for you . I am glad he was on my side . He won my case . If you want a attorney who will Rue the day. Hire Stephen Rue

– AshleyView on AVVO

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Extremely Intelligent and Caring

Extremely intelligent and caring. Spends the time needed with his clients. Highly recommend. He also has an office in Covington on the Northshore!

– Missy S.View on Yelp

Extremely Competent

Mr. Stephen Rue has an excellent understanding of the law. He is extremely competent and has a genuine concern for one’s well-being. You would be well represented by him!

– Michelle K.View on Yelp

Highly Recommended

Larry was BEYOND outstanding in handling a very delicate out of state Criminal case for a family member. It couldn’t been REAL ugly with tons of red tape; but was just the exact opposite….throw knowledge and expertise; ALL charges were dropped…I almost fell off the chair when I was told that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– BobView on AVVO

Thankful for his service!

Stephen is a wonderful attorney. With his knowledge and formidable presence in the courts any client would feel well protected! I would refer any family or friend to him.

– SharonView on AVVO

Best Attorney in the Area

Being a realtor, I work with alot of Attorney’s.
Stephen is the cream of the crop by far.
Stephen is working for me on a child custody case and he is really a fighter, sharp, witty
and gets the job done. I really think his statue intimidates a lot of attorneys as well!
He reminds me of a Gladiator. Pleased to be able to have him on my side.
Jennifer, his assistant is a real doll, always pleasant and helpful.
I highly recommend Stephen Rue.
If you chose him, you will get to experience true excellience!!

– LizView on AVVO

Best Attorney I Know

Stephen Rue is an exceptional attorney and by far the best attorney I know! Stephen represented me during my divorce. He achieved a tremendous amount of rulings and results in my favor in an extremely short period of time. It was absolutely amazing to observe him in the court room, as well as the thorough preparation outside of court. During my first meeting with Stephen, I came in with a list of five top priorities and goals I hoped to achieve in my favor during divorce proceedings. Stephen was always straight forward and realistic of what was possible given the circumstances. In an astonishing result Stephen manage to not only achieve 100% of those goals, but manage to far exceed such with several additional rulings all in my favor. I’m still in awe of what he achieved!!! As a result, my son and I, for which I have full custody, are living a very happy, financially strong, and a great life. I cannot imagine any other attorney being able to achieve on my behalf all of what Stephen managed to achieve. I’m living a great life, my son is very happy, and I’m continuing to raise and take good care of him like I’ve always done. It goes without saying that I’m forever grateful to Stephen Rue for making all of this possible with the incredible results he achieved on our behalf. If ever there’s a reason I or anyone needs to be represented by a lawyer I can’t think of anyone better than Stephen Rue. He simply gets it done!

I’ve always lived by my personal motto: “the decisions you make today determines the road you walk tomorrow”. My decision to hire Stephen Rue to represent me during my divorce have me walking with a very, very happy pep in my step today!!!

– ShandonView on AVVO

When Legal Troubles Start to Brew, Call Rue

Stephen took time out from his very busy schedule to address my legal matters. I have had experience with several lawyers over the course of my Florida divorce the last three years. Mr. Rue is by far the most informative one I have met. He was straight forward with his answers and gave me good sound legal advice. As it is a shame that Mr. Rue does not have a Florida Bar license he could not quote me Florida Law where my case is currently underway. But he could advise me in a friendly concise manner and relieved my mind in many areas I had questions about. If anyone is looking for an exceptional lawyer in the New Orleans area, Stephen Rue is your answer to your legal situation.

– JeanneView on AVVO

Very Dedicated

Stephen Rue and his staff were very dedicated to meet my legal needs and ultimately achieved a successful result for me when I was taken advantage of by a contractor who failed to finish the job for which they were hired. Stephen Rue was sympathetic and made sure that not only I received the return of my monies; but also insured justice was done through the proper legal channels giving me the remedy I desired.

– BettyView on AVVO

Would Definitely Use Him Again

Stephen handled a personal injury case for me. He did a great job working up the case and got me a FANTASTIC recovery! I will definitely use him again if I need a lawyer.

– BethView on AVVO

Great Results

After being injured at work, a friend recommended me to Stephen. He clearly laid out all my options. Stephen was relentless and made sure I was taken care of on all fronts. Stephen helped me get the medical care I needed and the settlement I deserved. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. Thanks Stephen.

– EliseView on AVVO