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When people purchase insurance, they have a right to expect their insurance companies will pay fairly on their insurance claims.

At Stephen Rue & Associates Law Firm, in Metairie, Louisiana, we protect the rights of clients who need to make valid claims on their insurance policies. Whether you are filing a claim for a personal injury following an auto accident, need to rebuild a home or business after a natural disaster, or need your employer’s insurer to pay benefits following a workplace injury, we can help you to hold your insurance company to its obligations to pay damages according to the terms of your insurance policy.

Your insurer may not talk to you now, but with an experienced law firm at your side, you may find much more willingness to discuss your claims.

Holding Insurance Companies Accountable For Denied Claims | Metairie Insurance Coverage Lawyers

Specifically, we assist clients with the following:

  • Bad faith insurance claims. When insurance companies refuse to pay on claims (or pay the full amount) despite policy provisions that obligate them to do so, the insurer is doing so in bad faith. We take insurance companies to court so that they honor their commitments to their clients.
  • Homeowner and flood insurance claims. People buy homeowners insurance for a reason. We help them enforce their rights to compensation from insurers when floods, wind, fires and other disasters damage properties that are covered under valid insurance policies. We also pursue claims against contractors when they underperform, fail to complete work or defraud clients whose insurance policies cover rebuilding costs.
  • Hurricane claims. The Gulf Coast is prone to hurricanes, and hurricane insurance is one way homeowners and business owners protect their properties. We assist clients whose properties have been damaged by hurricanes in getting the full compensation they are due under their insurance policies.
  • Workers’ compensation claims. We assist injured workers in obtaining compensation from their employers through legally required workers’ compensation insurance. We also help injured workers to obtain damages from nonemployer third parties that may have contributed to a work injury through negligence.

When insurers illegally take advantage of large numbers of policyholders through denied claims or other breaches of an insurance policy, we can increase the odds they will be taken seriously in court by filing a class action lawsuit on their behalf.

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