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Extensive Experience Handling Powers of Attorney and Living Wills

While it is essential to plan for the distribution of your assets in the event of your death, it is also critical to prepare for the possibility that you may live, but be unable to make decisions for yourself. You may suffer from dementia or a stroke. You may have a medical condition that prevents you from managing your own affairs. You can simplify matters for your loved ones by executing powers of attorney or living wills: documents that specify who will make decisions for you and the specific choices you want made, if you lack the ability or desire to do so yourself.

At Stephen Rue & Associates Law Firm, we bring over 26 years of experience to those who need assistance with succession planning, including the preparation and execution of powers of attorney or living wills. We take a team approach with every client, employing the skills of all of our lawyers to best meet your needs. We care deeply about your well-being and work hard to find creative solutions to help you reach your goals. To arrange an initial consultation, contact our office or call us at504-529-5000.

Securing Your Interests With a Power of Attorney

We handle many different types of powers of attorney, including:

  • Medical Powers of Attorney: A medical power of attorney (sometimes called a health care directive) gives the designee, called an agent, the power to make decisions about your treatment, and access to important medical records. It may also specify the types of treatment, giving the agent guidance to you want employed or excluded.
  • Powers of Attorney for Financial Matters: A financial power of attorney designates the person who will make decisions regarding the management of your assets and liabilities, or transact your business on your behalf. Customarily, this type of power of attorney grants the right to make decisions to buy or sell property, authority to handle banking matters and tax issues and otherwise manage finances in ways that best protect you.
  • Durable Powers of Attorney: This is simply any power of attorney that remains enforceable after your incapacity.

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