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Head-On Collision Attorneys in Kenner & Covington, Louisiana

Head-on collisions are among the most dangerous type of car accident. The force of two vehicles colliding at highway speed often causes massive injuries if not death. Because of the complex crash scene, it is also difficult for investigators to determine what happened.

Serving Greater New Orleans, Rue Law Firm has handled many head-on and front-impact accidents. They are committed to helping clients rebuild their lives, representing crash victims recovering from severe injuries or families coping with the loss of a loved one.

Important Information About Head On Collisions in Louisiana and America

A head-on collision is a traffic collision where the front ends of two vehicles such as cars, trains, ships or planes hit each other in opposite directions, as opposed to a side impact collision or rear end collision.

Head-on collisions are an often fatal type of road traffic collision. U.S. statistics show that head-on crashes are around only 2.0% of all crashes, yet accounted for 10.1% of US fatal crashes.

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Head-On Collision Injury Or Fatality

A head-on collision typically means that one vehicle veered over the centerline, crossed the median or left the roadway. Attorney Stephen Rue, who has more than 30 years of experience, oversees a thorough investigation into the events that preceded such a crash. The firm has the means to hire accident reconstructionists and other experts who can help show why that driver came into the client’s lane:

  • Impaired Driving (DWI/DUI/Drug Use)

  • Drag racing or reckless driving

  • Texting while driving or other distraction

  • Driver fatigue (e.g., truck drivers on long shifts)

  • Medical condition (heart attack or seizure)

  • Sideswipe or other action of third-party motorists

  • Tire blowout or vehicle defect

  • Road construction, roadway obstacles or highway design

Once Rue Law Firm's attorneys understand what caused the crash, they work to identify all liable parties and all sources of insurance coverage. For example, a trucking company, a manufacturer or an establishment that served alcohol might be named in the lawsuit.

Compensation For The Devastation

Head-on impact accidents account for just 2 percent of all traffic crashes, but 10 percent of all traffic deaths. People who do survive typically suffer permanent personal injuries, such as brain trauma, facial injuries, neck and back injuries, or crushed legs. The attorneys at Rue Law Firm make a strong case for full compensation by carefully detailing the medical needs, the economic impact, and the personal suffering and disability. They are always prepared to try the case if the defense lawyers and insurance companies will not offer fair settlement.

Experienced Representation For Major Auto Accidents

Skilled lawyers are familiar with the roadways where head-on crashes commonly occur, from two-lane highways in Jefferson Parish and surrounding parishes to dangerous stretches of I-12 where numerous cars have jumped the median into opposite lanes of traffic despite preventive barriers.

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