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Broken Bone Attorneys in Kenner & Covington, Louisiana

Any broken or fractured bone is considered a serious injury. An insurance company may be eager to settle for a quick and seemingly tidy sum, knowing that your case is likely worth much more in the long term.

The attorneys at Rue Law Firm know that the value of a bone injury case is measured in the length of your recovery and any residual pain or impairment. The experienced personal injury attorneys can gauge the difference between a fair settlement and one that sells you short.

The Long-Term Effect of Broken Bones and Fractures Metairie Fracture Injury Lawyers Looking Out For You

For more than 30 years, the founding attorneys has represented victims of motor vehicle collisions and other personal injury accidents. There are 206 bones in the human body, and they have probably recovered compensation for most of them, including:

  • Skull fracture

  • Broken jaw or facial bones

  • Hip fracture or broken pelvis

  • Broken back/broken vertebrae

  • Fractured ribs or sternum

  • Broken leg, foot or ankle

  • Broken shoulder blade or collarbone

  • Broken arm or elbow

  • Broken hand or fingers

Did Another's Negligence Lead to Your Broken Bone?

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Most people recover from a broken bone, in which case compensation chiefly covers medical treatment, lost wages, and the short-term pain and suffering. In the case of weight-bearing bones, compound fractures, shattered bones or crush injuries, it may be necessary to surgically repair the bones with metal rods and pins. Such injuries usually mean many months of rehab and lost time from work.

Improper or incomplete healing can lead to weakness, lost range of motion, chronic pain, infection or more surgery. A broken bone that becomes a lifelong injury adds significant value to a personal injury claim. This is why Rue Law Firm delays settlement until the client fully recovers or reaches maximum medical improvement.

Fair Compensation For Bone Injuries

Louisiana lawyer Stephen Rue is personally involved in your case, from initial diagnosis and investigation of the accident through settlement or litigation. For a free consultation with a New Orleans broken bone injury attorney, reach out to or call (24 hours a day/night).