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Probation, Parole, & Expungement
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After you have been in trouble with the law, it is not difficult to get in trouble again. People on probation or parole face complex requirements. Making one mistake can put them at risk for incarceration. The probation attorney at Rue Law Firm can help.

If you have been arrested for a crime or have violated the terms of probation or parole, contact Rue Law Firm in New Orleans, Louisiana, as soon as possible — even before you officially get in trouble with your probation officer (PO) or the parole board. Probation lawyer Stephen Rue may be able to take action that prevents trouble before it starts.

In addition to serving people on probation or parole, he also represents people who are on home incarceration as well as juveniles involved in the juvenile justice system.

Violation of Probation

Violating probation is easier than many people think. You may be accused of a violation for any number of reasons — like not reporting to a parole officer, failure to get a job, involvement with drugs or alcohol, or allegedly committing another offense.

When you face accusations that you have violated probation, you need a strong criminal defense attorney on your side. The lawyers at Rue Law Firm are dedicated to fighting for you and have in-depth experience in successfully handling probation violations.

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Parole Violation and Revocation

Previously known as Stephen Rue & Associates, Rue Law Firm represents clients at parole board hearings, representing their side when they become eligible for parole. Their attorneys also motion the parole board to reconsider when parole has been denied or revoked.


Louisiana takes the law seriously, but the government understands that people often make mistakes. Expungement gives you a chance to move beyond past mistakes by getting rid of the information in your criminal records — in the files, computers, or other depositories where your criminal history is stored.

While your criminal record may still be visible to select government entities, you will not need to reveal it on most job applications, apartment applications, or when applying for a firearm. This can make life easier as you put the past behind you.

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