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Unsecured Truckload Attorneys in Kenner & Covington, Louisiana

The safe delivery of cargo begins with proper loading at the point of departure. Unfortunately, some truck operators overload their trucks while others fail to secure loads or transport loose items in open trucks. These practices can result in a serious accident when a truck becomes unstable or cargo spills out onto the roadway.

Rue Law Firm's commercial truck accident lawyers have the resources and advocacy skills needed to win against trucking companies and their insurance companies. When they represent you, they will seek full compensation for your financial losses and pain and suffering.

Investigating the Accident

Rue Law Firm will act quickly to preserve important evidence and begin building your case. They will take the appropriate steps to investigate promptly and properly the scenes of an accident, even involving an investigator when necessary, to further document the accident scene, including examining skid marks, the debris trail, and other evidence that can tell them how the accident happened. They can also subpoena trucking company records such as the time the truck had been on the road before the accident, its speed, and other important information that a “black box” may contain, as well as the bill of lading or other documents concerning the cargo that was on the truck.

Comprehensive Support for Truck Wreck Victims

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Obtaining Medical Care For Accident Victims

Rue Law Firm has extensive experience in cases involving injuries that typically result from truck accidents, including back, neck, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. In the event there are serious injuries requiring ongoing medical care, they are typically able to assist clients in obtaining medical care without the client having to pay for that treatment “up front” or out of pocket. Instead, they can help arrange top-notch medical care with providers who agree to wait until the case is resolved before being paid. The goal will be to help you get all of the compensation you deserve.

Free Consultation With a New Orleans Trucker Negligence Attorney

To discuss your case involving an overloaded vehicle or unsecured truckload, call to learn how they can be of assistance. Th serve clients in the New Orleans area and throughout Louisiana.