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Five Star Reviews and Testimonials

Best Attorney Ever!!!!!!!

If you are reading this review and considering hiring Stephen look no further!!!!!
I was completely satisfied with the outcome of my case and he definitely had me and my kids best interest. You won’t go wrong hiring him as your attorney!
Thanks Again
Mr. Rue

– Melissa

He is Extraordinary!

I hired Stephen to represent my daughter in a custody case after firing her original attorney. It was three days before court and he came in and did a fantastic job! He is extraordinary!

Thanks Stephen! 😁

– Lisa V.

Different Than the Rest

Custody hearings and battles are very rarely short and sweet. After trudging through that awful process a year ago and terminating my first attorney – I vowed to never hire another. I did not think I would ever have to set foot in a court room again – as a stipulation was already in place and that chapter was finally done. But then, out of nowhere – life happened – like it tends to do. I was faced with the unimaginable and served with an ex parte custody order. I had finally given the enemy ammunition needed to set my world on fire.

Desperate to find a reputable lawyer that would even answer my calls or meet with me – much less take my case on such a short notice – I began to lose hope and feared I may lose my entire world in the blink of an eye. It was Saturday evening when I got wind of Mr Rue and his success stories. That evening – I reluctantly made the call (being as most firms are closed on the weekends.) Within 10 minutes of leaving the voicemail, Mr. Rue himself called me back! I was completely in awe and I had gained some hope for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.

After our first meeting – I left with not only hope for my case, but a fresh outlook on life and a new determination. I knew he was the only person for the job. The goals set for the first two court dates have been accomplished and for that I will be eternally grateful. It’s been a long six months and there is plenty of road yet untraveled, but I have faith in Stephen’s ability to get the results I’m praying for. I know he will continue to fight for me even though not many others would.

If you happen to feel desperate, or find yourself standing in a burning world of the unimaginable – do not waste your time calling other attorneys. Make this your first and last call and I can assure you that you will not regret it.

– Taylor

Stephen Rue Was Our Man!

My husband and I needed an attorney and Stephen Rue was our man! He was very professional and immediately got to work on our case. Our case was settled within a year. He has a lot of knowledge and a very strong presence that give him an edge over other attorneys.

– Missy S.

He Will Fight for You.

Stephen took my case last minute. Two days before court. I was pleasantly surprised when I met him, I knew he was the man for the job. After going through 3 lawyers, I finally found one who would FIGHT for me and me girls. After a ongoing long and complicated custody battle , I lost visitation with my girls. Stephen Rue got it reinstated after knowing minimal information and last minute notice. He’s real, He’s honest, and he will fight for you. Thanks Stephen!

– Brandi T.

King Rue!

There is no doubt Mr. Rue is the best! He will defend you like no other attorney! If you tried others, you will notice the difference! Poised, confident, intimidating to the opposing side. He shuts down the other side! My wife did not show up to court twice! Settled child custody out of court.

– R.M.V.

Best Decision Ever!

After searching and reading reviews for a Law Firm, I decide to call Mr Rue.
I needed a Lawyer who would fight, who knew the law and I needed one on a short notice, After meeting Mr Rue I know he was the man for the job!
If you are looking for a Law Firm, look no more, give Mr Rue a call, so happy we did!

– Glenda B.

Client for Life!!

Mr. Rue helped my wife and I with a very difficult family situation. Couldn’t be happier with the end result. He was professional and prompt the entire time. Never had a problem reaching out to him and getting a quick response. Hope I never need an attorney again but he has a client for life!!

– Jeff R.

The Real Deal

Stephen Rue is the real deal for sure! I hired him for my best friend and he went above and beyond We called him on a Tuesday, Met him on a Wednesday, & he showed up in court on Thursday! I’m so happy I was able to get the best of the best for her custody case he came to court and made a statement and most of all he was able to restore some hope back into our lives..

Thanks Stephen Rue & I know you will continue to do ur very best for my best friend n I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You need a go getter call Stephen Rue he is the man!

– Rickilynn N.

No Doubt Mr. Rue is the Best!

There is no doubt Mr. Rue is the best! He will defend you like no other attorney! If you tried others, you will notice the difference! Poised, confident, intimidating to the opposing side. He shuts down the other side! My wife did not show up to court twice! Settled child custody out of court.

– Russell V.


I could not be happier with the verdict of my custody case..I have been fighting for my daughter for over a year, Mr Rue got me everything I asked for!!!i can finally rest easy knowing my daughter is in the arms of her loving mother! Thank You We are forever grateful…

– Danielle

He Won’t Let You Down!

I have been in a long, ongoing custody battle for a while now. Stephen Rue is my 4th attorney that I have hired. And definitely saved the best for last. He took me by surprise at first meeting because he was so stern and serious and could read me like a book. He takes his job serious as every lawyer should and he’s good at what he does and he knows it. I called him 2 days before court and he was able to make a consultation last minute and was in court with me in Lafourche Parish. I knew when I met Stephen that he was the one. I walked in court confident that after having no contact with my girls he would restore my visitation. It wasn’t an easy battle. The Judge himself told us that. They were in chambers hours. He walked out without that stern look anymore but a smile. After knowing minimal information about my case and on last minute notice he was able to get my visitation restored. He was able to make the Judge see this is crucial. I had supervised visitation and after ONE incident with my children not even in room I got upset and angry. I was overly emotional after seeing them. They stopped my visitation. So 6 more months go by- no visitation. I’d seen the once in a year. Stephen said the a judge himself is PERSONALLY going to call and ask them to start it back. That he’d never heard of stopping after one incident. I knew this wasn’t a normal occurrence- I jus needed someone to FIGHT for me and my babies and not just sit back and accept whatever like my prior attorneys did. Stephen has restored my hope and reuniting me with my babies and I’ll be forever grateful for him. He doesn’t back down and that’s jus what I needed!!! I knew when we met—He’s the Guy…He’s the one…And he was—Let him be your guy, I assure he won’t let you down!!!!

– Brandi T.

Worked With Me for a Good Resolution ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Being an attorney, I am familiar with litigation, but family (divorce) law has unique procedures and rules. Stephen listened and worked with me to get a good resolution, despite a pernivious opponent (my ex-wife).

Let your opponent Rue the Day!

– Bob E.

Highly Recommended!

Stephen took care of my matter quickly and professionally here in East Baton Rouge. Highly recommended!

– Taylor W.

Diligent and Responsive

If you’re looking for an attorney, I would highly recommend Stephen Rue. Not only is he diligent and responsive, but he truly cares for his clients and the outcome of their cases. He does exactly what there is to do and will even say at times, “let me do my job.” (my advice- Let Stephen Rue do his job!) I went to him after firing a previous attorney for her seeming total disregard for me and my case.
My experience with Stephen has been entirely different…He honestly sets the bar for caring and effective representation.

– Alex R.

That first impression was all I needed. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’ve been knowing about Stephen since I was in college as a very well respected and highly recognized local attorney. I recall seeing him winning “Best Attorney” titles left and right, like in the Gambit.

About a year after graduating from Loyola, I had the pleasure of running into Stephen at a dinner event in Baton Rouge. He was every bit as cool and intelligent as I had thought him to be. We had a lovely conversation, and he even bought something from my website, on the spot, after learning I was in the jewelry business.

That first impression was all I needed. A few years later, I found myself needing a reputable lawyer with BIG… um, PERSONALITY, that wasn’t going to get shoved around. I knew he was my guy.

I reached out to him and almost immediately he responded concerned and eager to help. For someone with his repertoire, his optimism in my case and trust in me gave me the confidence and hope I really needed at the time.

Stephen went above and beyond for me – ME. He’s really one hell of a guy, and I highly recommend him for anyone seeking peace of mind in legal matters.

Thank you, Stephen, and to your whole team for being there for me. I appreciate what you did for me and I’m grateful we met back in 2014 at that dinner party. Blessings to you, your business and your family!

– Cristy C.

Very Professional and Easy to Work With

I highly recommend Stephen Rue and his legal team. Mr. Rue did a superb job in handling a family matter. His staff was very professional and easy to work with. Everything was handled efficiently and timely. Do yourself a favor and give this firm your business. You won’t be disappointed!

– Debbie V.

Mr. Rue Is the Best!!

Hands down, there is no comparison. If you are ever in need of a fantastic person, not just an attorney, in your corner during your time of distress, Mr. Rue is the person you need on your side. He went, and continues to go, above and beyond my expectations, put my mind at ease with my case and continues to walk me through the process, weighing all of my options. Mr. Rue is very understanding, forthcoming and is wonderful to work with. I would recommend him to anyone for anything legal. If he is unable to do it or it is not his expertise, I feel confident he will guide you in the right direction.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Rue for continuing with my process and being my attorney.

– Crystal P.