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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Kenner & Covington, Louisiana

Motorcycling is a popular activity among Louisiana residents, whether they ride for enjoyment, transportation or both. Although motorcyclists have the same rights to the road as other motorists, they are often treated with less respect. This is unfortunate, because motorcyclists are much more vulnerable to injury than drivers of enclosed vehicles. In the event of an injury, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer for a case evaluation.

At Rue Law Firm in New Orleans, Kenner, and Gretna, Louisiana, their motorcycle accident lawyers understand the substantial risks, and the immense rewards, motorcycle riders experience by pursuing their passions. They understand that motorcyclists have rights, and they defend those rights on the road and in the courtroom.

Important Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2006, 13.10 cars out of 100,000 ended up in fatal crashes. The rate for motorcycles is 72.34 per 100,000 registered motorcycles.

Motorcycles also have a higher fatality rate per unit of distance travelled when compared with automobiles.   Per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists’ risk of a fatal crash is 35 times greater than a passenger car.  In 2004, figures from the UK Department of Transportation indicated that motorcycles have 16 times the rate of serious injuries compared to cars, and double the rate of bicycles.

A national study by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATS) found that:

  • Motorcycle rider death rates increased among all rider age groups between 1998 and 2000

  • Motorcycle rider deaths were nearly 30 times more than drivers of other vehicles

  • Motorcycle riders aged below 40 are 36 times more likely to be killed than other vehicle operators of the same age.

  • Motorcycle riders aged 40 years and over are around 20 times more likely to be killed than other drivers of that same age.

According to 2005 data from the NHTSA, 4,008 motorcycle occupants were killed on United States roads in 2004, an 8% increase from 2003.

During that same period, drivers of automobiles showed a 10% increase in fatalities, while cyclists showed an 8% increase in fatalities. Pedestrians also showed a 10% increase in fatalities. A total of 37,304 automobile occupants were killed on U.S. roads in 2004.

Additional data from the United States reveals that there are over four million motorcycles registered in the United States. Motorcycle fatalities represent approximately five percent of all highway fatalities each year, yet motorcycles represent just two percent of all registered vehicles in the United States. One of the main reasons motorcyclists are killed in crashes is because the motorcycle itself provides virtually no protection in a crash. For example, approximately 80 percent of reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death; a comparable figure for automobiles is about 20 percent.

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Proving Negligence | Metairie Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Often after a motorcyclist is injured in a collision, the driver of the automobile or semitruck involved will say “I didn’t see him.” While it is true that motorcycles are smaller than cars or trucks, this explanation is often just a poor excuse for driver distraction or inattention.

Sadly, law enforcement agencies often ignore evidence of driver negligence because they assume the motorcyclist, with a smaller and more agile vehicle, must be at fault. As a result, any motorcyclist injured in an accident faces an uphill battle in the pursuit of legal justice and monetary compensation.

Also, poor road conditions — including poorly maintained pavements, unmarked turns or hazards, and blind intersections — may contribute to motorcycle accidents. Transportation authorities and local governments are often reluctant to admit when their oversights directly contribute to injury accidents or fatalities.

Recovering Compensation

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, an attorney can help you cut through the excuses and get to the truth, so you can recover damages for your medical bills, lost wages, temporary or permanent disability, and other losses. If you need long-term or permanent medical assistance as a result of a head injury, skull fracture, spinal cord injury, or other serious condition caused by an accident, they can help.

Further, if your spouse, child, or family member died as a result of his or her motorcycle accident injuries, Rue Law Firm can help you recover damages in wrongful death.

Using Experts to Prove Your Case

With the assistance of accident reconstructionists, medical experts and vocational counselors, the attorneys at Rue Law Firm can identify the causes of your accident and the negligent parties who contributed to it. They can use that information to aggressively pursue compensation for you, in court or in negotiations. You can rely on respected lawyers to discuss the details of your case with you and explain your options. Reach out at or call (24 hours a day/night).

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