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A T-bone accident usually happens at an intersection or in a parking lot when one vehicle broadsides another. Impacts such as these can cause a wide range of injuries, including whiplash, neck injuries, broken bones, and serious spine injuries.

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Important Facts about T-bone or Side impact collisions in Louisiana and in America.

Broadside collisions are where the side of one vehicle is impacted by the front or rear of another vehicle, forming a “T”. In the United States and Canada this collision type is also known as side impact collision, right-angle collision or T-bone collision; it is also sometimes referred to by the abbreviation “AABS” for “auto accident, broadside”. Vehicle damage and occupant injury are more likely to be severe, but severity varies based on the part of the vehicle that is struck, safety features present, the speeds of both vehicles, and vehicle weight and construction.

When a vehicle is hit on the side by another vehicle, the crumple zone of the striking vehicle will absorb some of the kinetic energy of the collision. The crumple zones of the struck vehicle may also absorb some of the collision’s energy, particularly if the vehicle is not struck on its passenger compartment. Both vehicles are frequently turned from their original directions of travel. If the collision is severe, the struck vehicle may be spun or rolled over, potentially causing it to strike other vehicles, objects, or pedestrians. After the collision, the involved vehicles may be stuck together by the folding of their parts around each other.

An occupant on the struck side of a vehicle may sustain far more severe personal injuries and damages than an otherwise similar front or rear collision crash.

Side-impact airbag can protect vehicle occupants during side collisions, but they face the same limitations as other airbags. Additionally, side impact wrecks are more likely to involve multiple individual collisions or sudden speed changes before motion ceases. Since the airbag can only provide protection during the first collision, it may leave occupants unprotected during subsequent collisions in the crash. However, the first collision in a crash typically has the most severe forces, so an effective airbag provides maximum benefit during the most severe portion of a crash.

Broadside collisions are frequently caused by a failure to yield right of way. In the case of collisions in an intersection, the cause is often a result of one vehicle failing to obey traffic signals (fail to stop or running past a red light). As with any crash, increased speed may increase crash severity.

A Successful Case Begins With A Thorough Investigation

Our law firm will act quickly to investigate the accident to determine liability. This is important, because T-bone accidents usually result from negligent driving behavior, such as running a stop sign or texting while driving.

We frequently use professional accident reconstructionists for this purpose. These specialists often spot evidence that the police may not recognize as important. Our attorneys also will analyze insurance coverage issues to identify potential sources of compensation. We review all of your medical records and establish your future medical and rehabilitation needs so that we can demand compensation for those costs. Finally, we will make a full accounting of your losses and suffering for inclusion in your claim and seek maximum compensation for you.

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