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Great Results

Stephen helped me get the medical care I needed and the settlement I deserved. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.

We are so thankful for Stephen Rue and his associates what a great Lawyer and law firm. My family and I highly recommend him!

Best lawyer ever!

I am so very lucky to have Stephen Rue on my side. He is serious about fighting for me and my daughter. He is an amazing lawyer and will fight hard for his clients.

Thankful for his service!

Stephen is a wonderful attorney. With his knowledge and formidable presence in the courts any client would feel well protected! I would refer any family or friend to him.

I Recommend Stephen Rue

Larry was BEYOND outstanding in handling a very delicate out of state Criminal case for a family member. It couldn’t been REAL ugly with tons of red tape; but was just the exact opposite….thorough knowledge and expertise; ALL charges were dropped…I almost fell off the chair when I was told that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outstanding Attorney

Stephen Rue is a outstanding attorney. I hired him for a child support arrears case. He worked day and night on my case. He was knowledgable of all the laws. His professionalism in and out of Court was outstanding . I knew I hired the right attorney after watching him fight in court for what was rightfully owed to my child and I. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer who will fight for you. I am glad he was on my side . He won my case . If you want a attorney who will Rue the day. Hire Stephen Rue.

A Legal Surgeon!

Stephen was more impressive in action than I would have imagined. The way he and his staff handled our case was near perfection. But the way he handled our biggest trial date, WAS perfection. Watching him work was like watching an artist or a surgeon at their finest. Not only did he win our case, thanks to Stephen we grand-slammed our case. Stephen has my vote for the best attorney in NOLA – hands down.